About ListWebinars

Why ListWebinars


The pandemic brought along with it many changes. One of them has been webinars; the world wide web got flooded with tons of them. It also brought new challenges, which Webinar should we attend, is it relevant, can all of them be simply listed so that it's easy for us to choose. Moreover, there was also the fear of missing out.

And thus, ListWebinars was born!

What is ListWebinars


A community-based project which aspires to democratize learning. The platform assists you in identifying webinars happening across the world in various domains. It makes your discovery for relevant content simpler and also assists webinar organizers to promote their content to our users across the globe.

How are we building community


We believe communities have voluntary power. An opportunity to create, build, and disseminate value for everyone. We decided to build this initiative on a social model, of the people-by the people-for the people FEELosophy, where we invite all individuals who believe in the power of communities to come together to build ListWebinars!

Community with a purpose

Working towards a common goal requires individuals who are like-minded with similar beliefs and value systems. While building the platform, we decided to put a charter on how we function

No one owns anything, but at the same time, everyone involved is responsible for everything. The power of taking personal goals & making them happen excites us.

We have no hierarchy or designations, you may be a student or a seasoned mentor, we treat everyone equally. We value the experience & contribution to the initiative.

Passion for making things happen is what binds us. We are always open to collaborating with individuals who are passionate to join our gang.

Blood-Sweat-Tears and Time-Effort-Energy are what we value; we avoid unsolicited suggestions and feedback. Thank you, but we are closed!

We love failures, love to experiment, and are happy to be proven wrong! We enjoy this process and keep repeating it always!

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